Hello! My name is Brian Montalbo and I am an expedition guide and adventure travel photographer. It brings me great joy to share my passion for photography with you! I was born and raised in Alaska and, although I have visited over 70 countries on 5 continents, Alaska is still my home.

I strive to capture the world in a way that demonstrates my spontaneous, thrill seeking lifestyle. I seek out locations that are dangerous, hard to access, and authentic. I have fallen in love with how a photograph can capture a pristine beach, an ancient culture or an endangered species, forever etching them in our minds.
My new passion is to help raise awareness to the slaughter of African elephants for their ivory. The site of a massive big tusker like “Tim”, is something I wish everyone would experience.

My hope is that my photographs motive you to explore the world around you and heighten your respect for this planet and all of its creatures.
If you feel adventureous and want to join me on a photography safari in Africa, make a first decent down a river in Kamchatka, Russia, or just experience remote Alaska, please contact me.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Alaska Magazine, Smithsonian, Arctic Man Magazine, Oasis Overland Brochure, 3rd place in World wide travel photo competition. National Geographic, "photo of the day." Fly Water Travel Magazine, Frontier Packaging Seafood Processing Calendar, SB Nation


-Bachelors degree: University of California-Berkeley

-Professional Athlete

-World wide travel, ( 70 countries on 5 continents)

-Bering Sea commercial fishermen(6 years)

-Expedition guide (CPR certified)