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Wolf Alaska, Denali National ParkTwins.  Part of the Susa group of Mountains gorillas in Rwanda.Big Tusker, KenyaCat and mouseLove the colors behind this huge bull moose.  Looks stunning on Canvas.Rarest Primate in Africa, Drill Monkey, NigeriaBrown bear catching red salmon at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park.The amazing honey badgerTiger Upclose.  Photographed this at the Bronx Zoo, but still love it.Lilic Breasted RollerMother and young Serengeti National ParkMember of the famous Susa group. RwandaGreat White Shark Breaching in South Africa.  A rare sight to see. Location famous now on shark weekSunset Giraffe, Chobe Reserve. Harder than you think to capture a animal in the setting sun.Namibian Cheetah at sunsetRare Galada.  On the cliffs of Simien National Park.  Highlands of EthiopiaLeopard, South Africa.Speed of the cheetah.

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